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our main concern as public officials here, making sure our citizens are safe. >> state of emergency in a san francisco suburb this morning. a powerful gas line explosion triggering a deadly destruckive inferno. dozens of homes have been destroyed. heat hot enough to crack car windshields from blocks away, melt their taillights as well and people seen literally running for their lives. thanks so much for joining us on this "american morning," on this friday, the 10th of september. special edition of "american morning" morning. i'm john roberts. >> i'm kyra chetry. we've been on since 5:00 eastern time. meantime a new twist in the koran burning that was planned for tomorrow on 9/11. still wondering this morning will it happen. the pastor behind it said no but seemed to leave a small window open. a live report from john zarrella in gainesville, florida, in a few minutes. we're getting new details
5:59 am
this morning of exactly what may have happened just south of san francisco. you're looking at video of an explosion. it was so loud that people who were in the neighborhood thought a plane had crashed. dozens are hurt, some critically burned. one person confirmed dead and those numbers are expected to climb higher once firefighters can get back into that burned-out neighborhood and can door to dar. >> one of the reasons people thought a plane might have crashed, this area where this happened is just a couple of miles away from san francisco international airport, about 10, 12 miles south of the city. it was just after 6:00 local time when all hell broke loose. dan simon is live in san bruno for us this morning with the very latest. been working his sources. the big question this morning, dan, have they been able to turn off the flow of gas that's been fueling that inferno? >> reporter: yeah, john. that's the good news. no more gas in that neighborhood. they've got it st

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